All of the ‘Be Pilates’ instructors are certified and experienced practitioners of Pilates.

Instructor Profile – Mirna Thomas

‘Be Pilates’ is owned and managed by Mirna Thomas.

Having graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy from Rio de Janeiro in 1996 and a Master’s in Sports Injury in 2003, Mirna completed several years practicing as a Physiotherapist in Brazil before moving to the USA to continue her career in Pilates.

After two years of being taught by some excellent teachers in California she had an opportunity to start practicing in Maui Hawaii before finally becoming certified in Rio de Janeiro 2002 for the equipments, and in 2003 for mat Pilates. In 2003 she became a member of The Pilates Association in Brazil.

Mirna has been living in Jersey since 2004 and continues to develop her extensive knowledge and skills through regulary attending European Pilates conferences as well as continuing her studies with the Body Balance University of Pilates.

In 2008, Mirna set up the ‘Be Pilates’ and since 2012 she has been welcoming clients to her studio at the Lido Medical Centre.


Instructor Profile – Bela AndradeBela Photo

Bela is a captivating, enthusiastic and mindful teacher, whose cultural baggage transpires in friendliness and warmth.

Bela grew up  in Brazil and there she studied Performing Arts as a degree with focus in Dance – Theatre. Her interest for human body movements and kinesiology guided her to start practicing Pilates in 2006 and the technic’s precision and benefits amaze her since then.

She started her Pilates teacher training with the “Gateway Pilates” by Polestar which provided a immersion to the understanding of Mat Pilates and Equipments.

At present, Bela continues to invest in her development as a Pilates instructor by taking part in the Pilates Comprehensive Global Format Program provided by BASI Pilates in London.

Within her search for corporal, mental and spiritual balance, Bela travelled to the south of India where she studied at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram to became a yoga teacher certified by the World Yoga Alliance.

Bela is now living in Jersey and is very glad to be able to follow her aim to build health through conscious movement allowing body, mind and spirit to merge into one.


Instructor Profile – Kirsty Luckman

Kirsty has always had a passion for Pilates, and it was whilst studying as a dancer for three years at college that she began learning anatomy and built a good understanding of how the human body functions.

Pilates became the perfect partner to her dancing career, providing her with a strong core and enhancing her movements through well toned muscle grouping. She continues to dance and practice Pilates on a regular basis.

Over a period of time, Kirsty began to appreciate the full benefits of Pilates, not only whilst training as a profesisonal athelete but for everyday healthy life.

Now a fully qualified Pilates instructor, Kirsty displays both energy and warmth as she passes on her knowledge and technique to Be Pilates clients.



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