The Be Pilates studio is located on the third floor of the Lido Medical Centre.

We operate Pilates sessions from our private air conditioned studios. Changing facilities and a private toilet are located inside the studio.

Free parking is available on the ground floor.



“I was introduced to Mirna about 2 years ago. I run, play tennis and train at the gym regularly but was always picking up injuries. I had read that pilates could help. The exercises concentrate on stretching and strengthening your whole body and especially your core.  Not only am I now much stronger at my sports but I have much less injuries and my flexibity has increased enormously.

Jayne – Tennis Player, Gym User and Pilates Regular

“Be Pilates is run with great professionalism whilst maintaining a real sense of fun. Mirna and her team are very knowledgeable and will provide exercises to suit your level and take into account any injuries you have. They are also perfectly placed to help with exercise to get your body working properly to both avoid and rehabilitate after injury.

From a personal perspective far from the ‘gentle’ exercise that is often associated with Pilates if the exercises are done correctly and and target your individual weaknesses you get out what you put in and come away feeling like you have had a good work out whilst also feeling stronger and more mobile!”

Bill Aston – Osteopath, Hockey Player and Pilates Regular

“I have been involved with sport as a tennis player and now as a coach , staying fit is very important to me especially the older I get. I began  at BePilates because of a bad back injury I suffered and straight from the first appointment I could feel the benefits of each and every session. Every exercise is specific to what you require and improves your strength, flexability and awareness of your core. I look forward to every session as I know it will bring me closer to being fully fit again. I wish I had started years ago as Pilates is a  great workout for mind and body and keeps you fit and strong in your daily life.”

 Andrew Evans – Tennis Player/Coach and Pilates Regular


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